I Triple Dog Dare You….to Recover.

Do you remember as a child, playing on the playground or in your room with your friends?

You would find yourselves bored. You absolutely could not think of anything to do. Maybe it is a group of about six of you – three boys and three girls. So, inevitably, someone suggests truth or dare.

“I dare you to go hug that tree,” your juvenile friend says.

“Oh yeah, well I triple dog dare you to kiss Sally on the cheek,” the next person says.

That’s right – you heard it… The “triple dog dare.” That is where stuff gets hairy. You can’t pass up a triple dog dare. That is just against all the rules of the game.

Well, I have a challenge for you…

I triple dog dare you to start your journey to recovery today.

Every day you wait is another day wasted. It is another day longer it will be before you are addiction free. Another day your child will have to wait to see you clean. Another day spent putting your spouse through the troubles of living with an addict.

Not to be so morbid, but sometimes the truth hurts…

Our lives are like an hour glass. Our time is constantly ticking away, like the tiny granules of sand dripping through the small opening in the hour glass. Each granule of sand is like an hour in your life.

Why keep wasting time wishing you could get clean?

Start spending time on actually getting clean.

Do your research.

So maybe you can’t just show up at a rehab facility today, but you can start looking for the perfect one. Start by finding out what program and facility would best suit your needs.

Does it need to be an outpatient facility? Does it need to work around your full-time job?

But, don’t find the easiest one that only sees or speaks to you once a week because then you are just setting yourself up for failure. Find a happy medium – something that works for you but that will still stick to their guns.

Discuss your options with the family.

Talk to your spouse, parents, siblings, or close friends about your options. Let them give their insight as an outsider and help you determine your next step.

Woman in Yellow Long Sleeved Dress Standing Beside Man in White Blue Crew Neck T Shirt

This also helps keep you accountable as you have already made the first step toward recovery just by telling them.

Contact the facility.

Now, it is time to make the hard steps. You actually have to reach out to the facility and admit you have a problem, admit you are willing to make a change, and start working on making a difference.

Focus on the positive outcomes rather than the negative side effects you might experience during your journey to recovery. This might be the step where you need extra support.

Recovery starts with a simple decision to start walking in the right direction.

Don’t keep waiting – I have already triple dog dared you, so the time is ticking.

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