6 Signs that your friend might be addicted

Addictions are easy to mold but hard to break. People pick them up as easily as they pick up a stone from the floor. So, it is not uncommon that you discover your friend is an addict.

However, this doesn’t ease the shock that comes with the realization. It becomes even more painful when your friend has been battling with it for a long time but you had no idea. You may even begin to blame yourself for not being a good friend.

You can avoid this by watching out for signs of addiction in your friend. These are some signs you should pay attention to;

1. Lack of Control

One of the major signs of addiction is losing absolute control. The addiction has so much control over such an individual they cannot determine when or when not to engage in it. 

2. Distractions

You begin to discover that the addict is distracted and is no longer committed to what they are meant to focus on.

3. Ignoring the Red Flags (Consequences)

Someone who is addicted is prone to ignoring the obvious red flags to desist from such an act even if advised by friends and family.

4. Going to Extra Lengths

If your friend is addicted, they would go to any length to get what they are addicted to, be it drugs, social media, chocolates, etc. Such a person can go as far as cutting you off as a friend if care is not taken.

5. Misplaced Priorities

Such a friend begins to have misplaced priorities. They start to lag where they ought to function effectively. They spend their time, money, and energy on the addiction instead.

6. Solitude

Such a person would love to be alone, thereby deserting responsibilities and everyone around.

If you notice one or more of these signs in your friend consistently for a long period, it may be a sign of addiction. Be more intentional about them and help them gain your confidence so you can help them.

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