Taking a “Leap of Faith” to Recovery

Do you remember when you first decided to walk with Christ? It literally took a leap of faith. It takes trusting something that you cannot see – trusting that He will guide you, take care of you and that He knows what is best for you.

The decision to go to recovery can be compared to that leap of faith taken in your spiritual life. It takes a leap of faith to trust that it will work. You have to believe that your life will be better once you overcome addiction. You have to trust that the staff at the Christian substance abuse treatment centers know what is best for you.

Even though the recovery facility might have a proven track record of success, it can still be hard to trust that it will work for you. Maybe you are just skeptical, or maybe this is not your first go around with recovery…

Whatever the case might be, it will take a leap of faith.

Most people who have overcome addiction had to do it that way – you just say you are going to get better and take the jump to get there.

But, what happens when you combine spirituality with your addiction recovery and do take that leap of faith?

You will become empowered…

The combination of your spiritual faith and the faith you must place in yourself to overcome addiction are magical.

You see, recovery is also in part a mental thing…

There will be several times when you think… ”I can’t do this anymore,” or… “I am a failure.” Addiction recovery is not easy, by any stretch of the imagination. And, we won’t pretend that it is. It takes dedication, hard-work, and a major support system.

But, with the Almighty One on your side, you have the biggest support system you could ever want. Take the leap of faith – literally and figuratively…

Pick yourself up and go to rehab because you need it and it will make a difference in your life. But, also take the spiritual leap of faith and trust that He will carry you through the trials and tribulations that come with recovering from drug addiction.

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If you find yourself needing some words of encouragement, here are a few encouraging quotes that might help when going through addiction recovery:

  • “Be not afraid of growing slowly. Be only afraid of standing still.”–Chinese Proverb
  • “Release your past into the universe and embrace your future with opened arms.”―Delma Pryce, ABOVE AND BEYOND: My Spiritual Journey 
  • “Faith is, by its very definition, belief without proof.”―Stephen King
  • “… sometimes to find the answer, you have to take a leap of faith.”―Dianna Hardy, Summer’s End